Thursday, September 29, 2011

FREE Collapsible Water Bottle (BPA Free)

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Grapevine Wreath

Looking for an easy fall craft? This wreath is quick and affordable, and will look great on your front door!

All you need is:
Grapevine wreath
3 Berry garlands, 5' long each (use more or less depending on your taste)
Accessories - I used two pinecone/leaf accents, but you could also use a bow or whatever else you like
Glue gun

Carefully unwrap your garland, and begin weaving it around the grapevine wreath. After you have used all of the garland, make sure it is evenly spaced and secure it in a few places with a glue gun.

Arrange your accent pieces on your wreath and secure with glue...

That's it! Your all done! Hang on your door and enjoy!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Car Seat Cover!

Interested in getting a free car seat cover? Udder Covers/ Seven Slings is conducting a survey, and anyone who participates will receive a promo code for a free cover when they are released later this summer.

Here's how to participate:

1. Go to
2. Browse the styles and select the carseat canopy that you prefer over the rest.
3. Once you have made your selection you will be asked if you are sure. Select "OK" if you are
sure, and then type the email address you want them to send your promo code for "100% off" to- once they are in stock. August 2011!

Friday, April 8, 2011

FREE Nursing Cover!

For a limited time, you can order a nursing cover for free from Udder Covers. All you have to pay for is shipping! Just use the coupon code VALPAK at check-out!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Give and Get

Every couple of months, the Gap family of stores does a promotion called "Give and Get". Basically, you print off an online coupon and it can be used at any of their stores as many times as you want from March 17 - 20. The coupon is for 30% off your ENTIRE purchase, and 5% of the proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This is basically a great way to score some discounted prices while helping out a charitable organization.

The stores where the coupon will be accepted are:
Banana Republic
Old Navy
Banana Republic Factory Store
Gap Outlet Store

*You cannot use the coupon for online purchases*

Click here to print off your coupon!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Harvest Wall Hanging

I was looking for a project that I could hang by my front door, and I had the idea to make a seasonal wall hanging. I headed down to the Wood Connection and found the pieces I needed for this wall plaque.

It was super easy to make! All you need is:

Decorative metal piece (mine is Harvest, but there are plenty of other cute designs)
Wood to mount the metal on
Metal scroll
Matte finishing spray

1. If your wood was not pre-drilled, drill the holes so that you will be able attach your metal design and scroll.
2. Sand the wood.
3. Paint wood your desired color. Allow the wood to dry.
4. If desired, sand the painted wood. Apply a light coat of stain to the wood and allow to dry.
5. Spray the wood within a matte finishing spray.
6. Screw the metal design to the wood.
7. Attach the metal scroll to the plaque using wire. Cover the wire by tying ribbon around it.

That's it! This is such an easy project, and I can't wait to make more seasonal plaques.

Easy Decorative Letters

Have you ever painted decorative letters for your house, but had a hard time getting the paint into all the small nooks and crannies? Use this easy tip to get everything covered, plus save time and paint!

You will need:
Your project
Wood stain
Rubbermade containers (2)
Paint stirring sticks
Foam brush

First, choose a wood stain that will work with your project. Generally, a medium brown stain works best. The stain that I used was a little dark, but it still worked fine.

Pour some of the stain into one of the rubbermade containers. Place the letter into the stain and agitate it so that it is coated with the stain. Turn it over and repeat so that both sides are evenly covered.

Place the stirring sticks across the second rubbermade container. Place the stained letter across the sticks and allow it to dry. Use the foam brush to wipe off any extra stain.

Once the stain is dry, paint the front of the letter. Repeat with the remaining letters/pieces of your project.