Sunday, November 7, 2010

Easy Decorative Letters

Have you ever painted decorative letters for your house, but had a hard time getting the paint into all the small nooks and crannies? Use this easy tip to get everything covered, plus save time and paint!

You will need:
Your project
Wood stain
Rubbermade containers (2)
Paint stirring sticks
Foam brush

First, choose a wood stain that will work with your project. Generally, a medium brown stain works best. The stain that I used was a little dark, but it still worked fine.

Pour some of the stain into one of the rubbermade containers. Place the letter into the stain and agitate it so that it is coated with the stain. Turn it over and repeat so that both sides are evenly covered.

Place the stirring sticks across the second rubbermade container. Place the stained letter across the sticks and allow it to dry. Use the foam brush to wipe off any extra stain.

Once the stain is dry, paint the front of the letter. Repeat with the remaining letters/pieces of your project.

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