Sunday, November 7, 2010

Harvest Wall Hanging

I was looking for a project that I could hang by my front door, and I had the idea to make a seasonal wall hanging. I headed down to the Wood Connection and found the pieces I needed for this wall plaque.

It was super easy to make! All you need is:

Decorative metal piece (mine is Harvest, but there are plenty of other cute designs)
Wood to mount the metal on
Metal scroll
Matte finishing spray

1. If your wood was not pre-drilled, drill the holes so that you will be able attach your metal design and scroll.
2. Sand the wood.
3. Paint wood your desired color. Allow the wood to dry.
4. If desired, sand the painted wood. Apply a light coat of stain to the wood and allow to dry.
5. Spray the wood within a matte finishing spray.
6. Screw the metal design to the wood.
7. Attach the metal scroll to the plaque using wire. Cover the wire by tying ribbon around it.

That's it! This is such an easy project, and I can't wait to make more seasonal plaques.

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